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How it works: Book now and enjoy four delicious, innovative dishes. A carefully crafted, always-evolving set menu especially for lunchtime. All four dishes are chosen by our Michelin-experienced Owner and Head Chef Adam Simmonds. Click the button below, choose a time from midday - 2.30pm, then click one of the options marked 'offer' to book your slot. Alternatively, view the latest menu below to see which dishes Chef could choose your lunch from.



Remember, our  menu changes regularly. Here are our latest dishes from the beginning of November...



Crab Salad, Loveage, Cucumber, Yogurt, Black Radish

Scallop, White Asparagus, Walnut, Lychee, Beef Fat

Plaice, Smoked Mussel, Turnip,Whey, Caviar. 

Skate Wing, Broccoli, Crab Apple, Lard 




Pork Belly, Salt Baked Pineapple,SunflowerSeeds, Turnip 

Herb Roasted Chicken, Artichoke, Black Garlic, Charcoal 

80 Day Aged Sirloin of Beef, Bone Marrow,
Date, White Onion 

Salt Aged Duck Breast, Orange, Swede, Crosne 




Roasted Pearl Barley, Parsley, Garlic, Crispy Shallots  

Broad Beans, Girolles, Onion & Pine Broth  

Heritage Tomatoes, Burrata, Olive, Courgette  





Blue Cheese Curd, Cob Nut, Cucumber, Pine Oil 

White Chocolate Namaleka, Lemon Verbena,Violet 

Alphonso Mango, Olive Oil, Cardamom, Wild Rice 

Granny Smith Apple, Butternut Squash, Sage

Chestnut Cassonade, Sea Buckthorn, Miyagawa 

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